TACENDA is an interactive audio-visual storytelling experience for mobile devices which presents real life stories on a virtual train ride. Using audio sourced form the BBC's Listening Project, it presents the true lived stories of people from a variety of backgrounds as bite-sized chunks, designed to be contemplated over the span of a real-life train journey or commute.


TACENDA is an art-piece, platform and interactive experience that comments on the nature of mundanity and alone-ness in the midst of a crowd (like a train commute), completely unassisted by the portable worlds we now hold on hand-held devices. It is there, under the guise of a game and the sanctuary of fantasy that we chose to confront viewers with the realities of the everyday, while assuring those who have shared their stories the cathartic experience of knowing somebody is listening to and understanding their struggles, thoughts and dreams regardless of mundanity or extravagance. 
All inhabitants of TACENDA are unique and each has their own stories and experiences that are accessed by interacting with them. However, characters can leave at any time and some may never return. Through this we aim to capture the fleeting interactions of the everyday. 

TACENDA && BBC Listening Project

The story extracts that are exhibited in the demo are a highly edited and curated selection from the already curated BBC's Listening Project, so all audio is spoken by people who have experienced the realities of their stories. There was be no better speaker. 
This is not a BBC product, but a demonstration demonstrating how accessing existing content can be used to create fresh interactive experiences while tapping into a new audience. We do not work for or represent the BBC, though we would be pleased to catch their attention with the project and hopefully complete its design proposal.


  • AzPlay '16 (best Sound)

  • GameCity '16 (Best Student Game)

  • Dare to be Digital '16 (Finalist)

  • EGX Rezzed (Official Selection)

  • Indie Prize (Official Selection)

  • Adobe Design Awards (Semi-Finalist)


  • @ Azplay '16

  • @ Gamecity '16

  • @ Protoplay '16

  • @ Casual Connect '16

  • @ EGX '16

  • @ LCC MA Finale Show '16

TACENDA can only be distributed privately or experienced at events and festivals. Contact the team for an exclusive demo of the game for iOS!
TACENDA is an award winner for game sound! Download the free OST by Oliver Wegmuller.

THE TEAM (from left)

Semone Bunnag (Director), Oliver Wegmuller (Sound Designer), Tom Battey (Narrative Designer), Qiao Yu (Artist), Ed Perryer (Animator), Belmin Pilevneli (Artist)