An indie location-based interactive art-project for mobile devices.


COLOURCITY is a geo-location based massively-multiplayer-online art project for mobile devices. It features a single continuous virtual canvas that wraps around the world that can be accessed based on a user’s geographic location.

It is both a game and a platform, and gives an opportunity for interactive social project with a constantly visible output that prioritizes representation of the efforts of its user base.

From pedestrians to children, protesters to advertisers, urban explorers to artists; it becomes a platform that allow the cities across the world to play and express themselves in one visual conversation.


COLOURCITY is inspired by tagging and graffiti cultures and is married to the perhaps romantic idea of international collaboration and unity that the canvas represents. Players across land, sea and cultures wordlessly come together through art to produce a singular output.

The world canvas comprises of 57 trillion geographic boundaries that can each be assigned a color by any nearby user. It includes gamified features such as a limited-rotating palette that encourages user creativity while making it more easily approachable for non-articly inclined users, elegant experience for on-the-go play.


The experience has been designed to be as short as 20 seconds that can fit neatly in between daily on-the-go activities.
A simplified canvas and palette make it an ideal experience for non-artistic users, and the graffiti nature of the project which allows users to edit, destroy and collaborate together to make larger bodies of work generate a constantly updating playground of opportunities. It is an ideal product for existing in the current social-media heavy landscape and is designed produce interesting content to share on said landscape.