ArchTools - Metric calculator

for Architects by Architects.


ArchTools is a powerful and elegant metric converter and calculator. Our app is designed for architects, designers, and engineers for easy calculation and conversion. You can convert metric system to imperial system or the opposite. Need to convert kg to pound or inches to cm? Perhaps you need to convert Celcius to Fahrenheit or Gallon to Litre. Just use ArchTools to do it! 

ArchTools is created by request and supervision from award winning design firm, Bunnag Architects, Ltd. This architecture and design tool is created in response to complex designs of other units converters. No one should settle for cluttered and convoluted app design that will only make their jobs harder. Nothing is more frustrating than fiddling with complicated app; it’s a waste of time and distraction professionals can’t afford.

Our mission is to design a better and more user friendly designer tool for all design, engineering, and architectural purpose. This is especially important when you are working and you need to convert measurement fast. ArchTools is fast, simple, and accurate whether you want to convert volume, degrees, weight, length, or other measurement units. 

We hope that our app will make your life easier and more productive. ArchTools is a mobile series of Apps designed for and by professional Architects and designers. Please look forward to our future products.